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Wheelchair accessible hotel in Berlin

[b] Wheelchair accessible hotel in Berlin [/b] As a city hotel, we are accommodation for every Berlin tourist, whether handicapped or not. The Hotel MIT-MENSCH is only a few steps away from the Karlshorst S-Bahn station. With 2 lifts, the platforms are within easy reach. From here you can reach Alexanderplatz within 15 minutes. Here, the Berlin charm awaits you with theaters, boutiques, cafes and restaurants that are just about to be conquered. We invite you to get to know the famous streets of Berlin! [b] We offer barrier-free holidays [/b] You do not know Berlin so well yet? Or you do not want to reckon with the capital, to take a lot of impressions? We are happy to help you to orientate and to explore our city with your possibilities! On request we can provide you with a companion for day trips or for public transport.